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 Chongqing dyon Instrument Co., Ltd., The company takes in its business operation the strategy of instrument design, manufacturing, Marketing and services to provide best quality products and honest services for the society. The company follows the management system of GM responsibility under the board of directors. The general manager will be responsible for the company which has the organization of Technology Department, QA Department, Production Department, Supply Department, Market Department, Financial Department and Administrative Office.

      Technology Department
      Responsible for new product development and meeting special requirements of user, executing ISO9000 quality standard and preparing technical documents. 
      QA Department 
      QA Department is the quality control center of the company, which takes the responsibility of testing and controlling the quality of products.  
      Market Department
      Responsible for the design, the general contracting, the system integrating and the equipment completing of automatic system of the engineering projects of oil-refining, petrochemical, power station, metallurgical industry and light industry etc. finding new market, providing after-sales services, feeding back market information, being aware of the market opportunities all the time and keeping long-term cooperation with multiple domestic and foreign instrument manufacturers. Currently, offices have been set up in Shanghai, Chengdu, Luzhou ,Wuhan and Shenyang. 
      Production Department
      Manufacturing of different kinds of instruments, such as temperature sensor (thermocouples and thermal resistors) , position sensor, digital displayer and signal insulator/translator, DY2000 industry computer and their properties are as follows: 
·  Temperature sensor:To be used in the occasion of high temperature and for this we have designed a series of reliable scheme to measure high temperature. The sensors have been used in furnace, hot-wind stove and burnt stove of a few famous domestic steel metallurgical factories, and proved its best quality. In terms of high accuracy measurement, we can provide the special level sensor that is higher than national standard, and has been successfully used in aeronautical, aero spatial and military industries. Under special chemical environment, we can provide professional solving scheme, according to different chemistry corrosion and flush, to meet user’s different demands. 
·  Position sensor: To be used in different kinds of opening vessels and pressure vessel to measure liquid level (including various acid, alkaline, salt, water and organic solvent etc.), used in stock house to measure continuously the position of powder and particle material and used in high temperature and high pressure containers such as boiler, to measure, control and alarm the positions of liquid.
·  Digital displayer:With fully intelligent setting, all signal input, switch power source and high brightness LED show; automatically tracking zero point and amplifying-times, long-term operation without drift; all parameters can be set by button; fault detecting for over measurement range and with communication interfaces such as RS485/422. 
·  Signal insulator/translator:This product is small in volume, DIN35 standard orbit installation, safe and explosion proof, high isolation performance, good anti-jamming ability, high in conversion precision, stable in performance, using imported terminal and shell. 
·  Industry computer: Applicable to the occasions that is necessary to control centrally and to record every parameter, it is small in volume, low in power consumption, completely Chinese interface and it can be electrified to insert, comparatively high in cost and effect.
      Supply Department:
      Responsible for the procurement and keeping of production materials
      Administrative Office: 
      Responsible for handling company's daily affairs, the keeping, issuing, returning, printing and updating of company management documents (including ISO9001 documents).
Qualified professionals, good management and superior domestic and international cooperative relation enable us to provide better services for our customers.