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The 1000 business of the 9 big lines to strengthen the energy measurement manage

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State five ministries organized nine lowering energy consumption in industry and more than 1,000 enterprise operations "tighten" energy suppliers.

  April 19 from the State Quality Supervision, Inspection Office was informed that a resource aimed at accelerating saving, environment-friendly and community-building "1,000 enterprise-action plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Programme"), recently by the State Policy, the National Energy Office, the State Statistical Bureau, the State Quality Supervision, Inspection Bureau, the State Council jointly issued Guoziwei implementation.

  According to statistics, 1,000 enterprises in 2004 integrated energy consumption to 13.4 million grams of standard coal, accounting for the total national energy consumption 33%, representing industrial energy consumption 47%, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal, electricity, oil, petrochemical, chemical, building materials, textile, papermaking nine key energy industry scale independent accounting of 1008 enterprises.

 "programme" for energy-efficient enterprises to strengthen organizational leadership, established by the principal responsible person in charge of the enterprise-Work Leading Group, will break into workshop-level goals, team. Enterprises should establish and improve the statistical measurement of the energy system, energy consumption regularly submitted to the enterprise, can use efficiency, energy-saving effect analysis, energy efficiency measures, such as energy use. According to the "energy" and "the views of the measurement unit used to measure energy and management apparatus equipped with General Clauses", with reasonable energy measurement devices, meters, energy metering management.

  It is understood that countries will be in line with the national standards and quality inspection of the key energy sectors of energy measurement devices equipped and management requirements for enterprises to strengthen energy metering devices equipped with the inspection. Laws and regulations in accordance with the measurement requirements, and guide enterprises to establish and perfect the management system measurements, and urge enterprises regularly with the energy measurement apparatus for testing, calibration and testing guide enterprises to strengthen energy metering data applications.