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The instrument measuring appliance profession speed-up still will guarantee 20%

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Instrumentation industries will be better than some other mechanical growth sub-sectors, which remain more than 20% 2006 . This is mainly because the industry is a wide range of instruments, from industrial applications to the population living macro-control of its limited impact, can be said to be less. If the vehicle instrumentation, medical equipment and some decline while demand for meters, petrochemical, and environmental protection areas to meters demand is on the increase. In addition, with increasing emphasis on the State of independent innovation, the industry, enterprises and research institutes will further increase R & D investment, scientific instrumentation, test equipment will subsequently increase.

    In instrumentation products, has begun to drop from the high point two years, the increase will not be large, will maintain steady growth, at around 30%. This is mainly because we have total industry export delivery value 1/4 product, and this is a very critical balance, more than the ratio, there will be a risk that once the change in the overseas market, will adversely affect the entire industry. At present, China's export volume accounts for the World Dianduobiao the 20%~25% Dianduobiao trade, meaning that the international market is one every four Diandubiao Taiwan on Taiwan from China. If exports continue to rise, likely to lead to trade friction, Turkey has made in 2005 to our Dianduobiao ad. Some enterprises against this trend, has taken a new approach. On the one hand adjustment of export products and increase high-tech and high value-added exports ratio, on the other hand, is actively associated with a number of importing firms, and explore cooperation in the local production as well.

     In addition, in 2006, foreign-funded enterprises will be faster than the growth of our own business, but what why home into also said that the sharp rise in foreign investment period is over. At the end of the last century to the beginning of this century in 1956, is foreign investment and set up factories in the China market instruments enterprises most rapid stage, the majority of transnational corporations have entered, and now the investment slowdown in foreign-funded enterprises. As Chinese enterprises and the upgrading of production skills, and some foreign companies have also adopted a new strategy, not to make investment and set up factories, but cooperation with Chinese enterprises and their products from Chinese enterprises, the introduction of Tiepai way in marketing or importing them for sale overseas Chinese. If the Diandubiao GE.

    2005 instrument industry profits in the 30% increase, although this was mainly due to a significant loss in a large enterprise, 2005 losses caused. In fact, as competition intensifies, the profit space instrumentation industries are shrinking, the industry profit growth in 2006 should be 20% or less.