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Technology innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of e

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Chongqing Dyon limited liability company established in 1997, is engaged in professional instrument design, manufacture, marketing, business integration enterprise modernization services. Conclusion Mr. Yeung nearly 10 years of development experience, our experience is that the "people-oriented" philosophy, make unremitting institutional and technological innovation, and promote the healthy development of enterprises. Our main experience and basic practices :
   First, ongoing technological innovations to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Strengthen enterprise technology innovation system is to enhance their technological and innovative capabilities, and enhance their core competitiveness inevitable choice. Companies through innovative incentives, and increased incentives for research and development personnel, stepped up research and development and market integration, and enhance the market awareness and advance research and development personnel to develop awareness.
   Second, focus on their own intellectual property rights, strengthen patent work. Companies with the technical forefront of the world in the development of new materials have been constantly technically constantly improve and innovate and key technologies and leading products of these companies is the successful development of an independent, is the company's own technology. In order to protect these results, the company actively encouraged staff in the technical innovation of enterprises, a patent application work to protect the company's own intellectual property rights. In recent years, a number of companies applying for patent products.
   Third, the strong technological innovation, and upgrade equipment, expand the scale of production. To continuously improve the competitiveness of products, the company conducted the improvement of the environment and high-tech production improvements. Introduction of new production plants in production lines, not only to expand the scale of production of effective, and more efficient production processes to standardize and strictly control the quality of products.
   Fourth, strengthen technical cooperation, and promote trade and technological progress. In recent years, we attach great importance to the use of social resources, the implementation of "quotation" Outreach, has launched a technical cooperation and personnel training. At the same time, and Chongqing Iron and Steel design institute of technology development to establish a stable relationship advice for the development of the company provide a useful basis for decision making.