Special thermocouple/thermal resistance

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Along with the continuous development of the electric power industry in our country, we need various thermocouple and thermal resistance applicable to power station urgently to replace import products. Both for catching up with the advanced international level and saving on foreign exchange for our country, our company has imported professional manufacturing techniques and equipments from foreign countries early or late, and widely accepts the opinion of the design house and power station’s consumers on the original basis to re-design the product and add to new species so as to complete the species and standard of the whole kit series, and satisfy domestic or imported 300,000 and 600,000 kilowatt generator sets and other domestic generator sets’ demands.
  The temperature measuring thermocouple/thermal resistant for power station mainly includes: The hot jacket thermocouple, the air flue & gas flue thermocouple, high-pressure thermocouple, medium-pressure thermocouple, low-pressure thermocouple, high-pressure thermal resistance, medium-pressure thermal resistance, low-pressure thermal resistance.