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Our country started up the independent innovation plan for the scientific resear

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Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology Finance Division conditions our scientists and scholars gathered in Beijing to innovate in-depth discussions on the specific content of scientific instruments, displaying "Shiyiwu" period, China's scientific instrumentation focus for improving the "" Shiyiwu "scientific instrumentation research and development planning." Jin Guofan, Liuguangding, Wang feels, Yao Jun-yan, Zhangyukui a total of 20 people, including academicians and experts attended the seminar.

   The scientists noted that the scientific method is to test equipment, technology and other scientific knowledge element is the awareness of the world, the world of material information based measurement and control instruments is the basis of scientific research, as well as modern high-tech industries and information industry sources and components. In a certain sense, and who mastered the most advanced scientific instrumentation, scientific and technological development will have priority, the right to protect the health of the people, economic exchanges and the right to control commercial standards sudden incidents initiative.

   But in our scientific activities for a long time now, many of the basic laboratory placed the laboratory equipment was imported from abroad, so that the scientists are thinking and action of his country equipment constraints. It is understood that China's fixed asset investment in China, 60% is spent on imports of equipment, much of which is the key high-end equipment. Analytical instrumentation for example, technology-intensive high-end equipment, such as gas - Cooks, nuclear magnetic Puyi, plasma allows, electronic to Puyi, the electricity transmission and scanning mirror, automatic biochemical analyser and nucleic acid sequences device, 100% dependent on imports. Analysis of the total import equipment from the 900 million U.S. dollars in 2001 and jumped to 1.613 billion U.S. dollars in 2003 and 2004 exceeded 20 million, and an annual rate of about 30% still continue to rise. In biomedical instrumentation, our dependence on the developed countries it is more serious.

   To that end, in November 2005, the CAS Chemical Department to submit a relevant report --< burdens on vigorously strengthening our R & D and industrialization of scientific instruments autonomous capacity to implement "Zhang Heng project" proposals ". Undoubtedly, the report from the government attaches great importance to and from a series of "chain reaction." On the occasion of National Technology spirit of the General Assembly, the implementation of the national long-term scientific planning occasion, the Ministry of Science and Technology Finance Division following conditions to the community early this year to solicit broad "Shiyiwu" scientific instrumentation research and development proposals, and organizing the meeting.

   What is gratifying is that although China and the world in scientific instrumentation there is a huge gap, but Chinese scientists have started, and has shown good condition.

   For example, in recent years, scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics introduce foreign advanced equipment at the same time, the use of human resources, and developed a large-scale scientific instrumentation development program, the independent design, development success with independent intellectual property rights, 5 years less than in the market to buy the world's most sophisticated equipment : Because analysis of the structure and nature of micro-district joint testing systems and cryogenic high vacuum strong magnetic field double probe scanning tunneling microscope / TV system. The CAS has greatly enhanced the quantum physics research center capacity has been to promote the wider use of magnetic, and other semiconductor and superconductor materials to the nanometer scale functional direction, and at a higher level of research and the material related nanostructure growth, quantum effects and new nanotechnology research / research and development, and other aspects of quantum devices significance. The realization of individual nanostructure of the material and measuring the original material micro-scale structures, and regulating reached 0.1 nanometer precision, in addition to measuring individual nanomaterials market launch nature and the nature channel, but also measurements mechanics, and the nature and conduct of nanomaterials physical / chemical research problems with the application of integrated and flexibility and also to keep their own modifications to the equipment to meet the new measurement requirements. This is difficult to achieve in the commercialization of equipment. 

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